Mariposa Naturescapes is no longer in business. Kimberly Leeper can be reached through Oasis Edible Naturescapes or the contact information at the bottom of the page. This site is maintained to provide the community with valuable resources and contact information.
Mariposa Naturescapes provided native and edible plant landscaping consultation, coaching, design, installation, and maintenance using organic products and methods from 2005 to 2016.

They created beautiful and easy-care landscapes while helping to minimize water use, improve wildlife habitat, save customers time and money, and increase understanding & stewardship of the local, natural Seattle ecosystem.

Kimberly Leeper, past owner of Mariposa Natursecapes, has transitioned to co-owning a new sustainable landscaping business, Oasis Edible Naturescapes, with Aaron Armstrong. She continues to put her knowledge to work as a native & edible plant landscape designer and installer in the Seattle area. She has a breadthof experience with native plants and landscape restoration as well as a background in naturalist education (focused on plants & birds) with Seattle Parks and Recreation, Seattle Audubon, and Wilderness Awareness School. She completed the comprehensive WNPS Native Plant Stewardship program in 2005 and PermacultureDesign Course with Toby Hemenway in October 2009. Kimberly is passionate about ongoing education -- both her own and others' -- and keeps her knowledge base current through a variety of horticultural and permaculture classes. She enjoys forming long-term relationships with her customers to tend their gardens with careful observation and help move their landscaping projects forward to regenerate the land!

Great Projects and Events that Kimberly Has Participated In and Supported

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Mariposa Naturescapes was a member of the Washington Native Plant Society, the Coalition of Organic Landscape Professionals, the Seattle Good Business Network
They were also a 5-star EnviroStars business and participated in the National Wildlife Federation's Professional Landscaper Initiative.
Kimberly is an ecoPRO, Certified Sustainable Landscape Professional (through WSNLA and WALP)